11th Annual Combat Hapkido Seminar

11th Annual Combat Hapkido Seminar


Tehachapi Martial Arts Center (TMAC) hosted their 11th Annual Combat Hapkido Seminar here in Tehachapi, California. TMAC, once again, welcomed world-renowned Grandmaster John Pellegrini, founder of I.C.H.F (International Combat Hapkido Federation) and world-renowned special guest, Master Trina Pellegrini, founder of “TRU” System – Personal Protection for Women. The 2 day event began on Friday, March 10th , with the Defense Against a Bully Seminar for kids 5-12 years old. The seminar continued on Saturday, March 11th , with the Women’s Self Awareness and Self Defense program with Master Trina Pellegrini from 9 AM-11AM. Beginning at noon and continuing until 4 PM, was the Combat Hapkido Seminar with Grandmaster Pellegrini and Grandmaster Jadric. The Seminars covered a variety of trapping, joint-locking, open hand combat, defense against weapons, pressure points, defense against bully, women’s self defense and survival.


Photo credits:

Defense Against a Bully class and women’s seminar- Nick Smirnoff

I.C.H.F seminar-Michael Duffy

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