Kung Fu

Healing Fist is a five animal or five family Kung Fu style, based on Southern Shaolin. It is an eclectic non-traditional style.

Healing Fist is based on circular and linear movements for short and long range defenses and attacks. It does not only entail the
fighting art, but is also a path for self improvement as well as a tool for anyone who is searching for heightened awareness and a means to serve humanity.


Healing Fist Benefits

One may start to become more aware of their body parts and how to use them in a foreign yet natural way. Due to the variety of stances, postures and exercises, one can achieve a greater level of strength and flexibility.


The Awareness of the Breath

This is typically a neglected aspect of our daily lives. There is a correct and an incorrect way to breathe. In the Healing Fist, breathing exercises are taught to achieve a greater level of health.


Self Defense

Healing Fist teaches principles of self defense, but it’s main idea is to avoid any kind of confrontation. Be Like a Rose signifies one of our self defense philosophies.


Spiritual Benefits

The spiritual aspect of Healing Fist is to encourage one to seek spiritual purpose in their practice and in their lives.



The first aspect of Healing Fist philosophy is the understanding that a human being has three aspect to their existence;

  •  The Body
  •  The Mind
  •  The Spirit

Bringing these three aspects together and having them work for the same purpose is what many call oneness. In achieving oneness we achieve a higher understanding of the self, and in turn understand others through a different light. The Knowledge attained in Healing Fist Kung Fu is for the sole purpose of healing yourself, all those around you and finally the world.


Schedule of Classes

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 4:00 PM
Private Instruction by Appointment
Master (Sifu) Cris Jadric Over 20 Years Experience
For More Information Call (661-238-5897) or stop by.