Combat Hapkido

What is Combat Hapkido?

Combat Hapkido is a modern, 100% self-defense system designed for men, women and younger students aged 12 and over.

Who can benefit from this self-defense class?

It is highly recommended for law enforcement, military and security personnel. Women of all ages can also benefit from the practical self-defense. This class will prove beneficial to anyone interested in learning highly effective self-defense techniques.

What about previous experience?

No experience is required. Only a willingness to learn! Instructional seminars are offered on a regular basis. Stop by for more information.

Grandmaster Jadric has been teaching Combat Hapkido, in Tehachapi since 1996, under the direction of ICHF founder and Grandmaster John Pellegrini. Master Jadric is also State Director for the ICHF.

Combat Hapkido is an effective way to learn self-defense in a relaxed positive atmosphere where safety is the priority.